What are we going to do?

We let you compete in a new format.

Not 6 to 8 athletes up against each other during 3 to 5 workouts.
But 3 poule phase workouts.

After that we go head to head, into a knockout style of workouts, looking for the fittest athletes. It will be a knockout system but you do have at least three chances at a poule phase before you go head to head.
Do you hesitate, trip, hit a “no rep” or you’re just not on the top of your game… Too bad….

Just one chance to make it to the final WoD.

Are you up for a challenge?


So you can perform well?
But do you recover as well?

Let’s find out on


4 qualifiers

The qualifiers will be announced in April 2019. We will post 1 qualifier every other week on our website, Instagram and Facebook.

Registration in march

You are able to register in the WODapp. Download the app in any store, on your phone or computer, add  “Le Geux Throwdown” or search at our postalcode (3232LN) and buy your ticket! Do you need help on how the app works?

Click here

Qualifiers in April

Our Qualifiers will challenge you to give it all. We will give you some real long and grueling WOD’s. Some fast and heavy sprint works. And for RX we will test your Gymnastics to the outrageous. We promise you, everbody can qualify, but choose wisely.

6 weeks of qualifying

You’ve got 6 weeks to upload your results for all 4 qualifiers. This needs to include a video of proof. We prefer WoDProof for the video with timer on screen. This means you will have plenty of time to test the WOD’s and create the best score! All scores must be submitted on Monday the 31st of May, 2019

Early bird €10

Our tickets will be €10,- You got untill the deadline on May 13th to decide you are in or not. Ticket will be available throughout the whole qualification period.

Are you up for the challenge?

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