Here you can find the WorkOuts of the Le Geux Throwdown 2019 Finals

Workout 1

675 meter Run

250m Sticky Run (Stick is powered by GorillaGrip)

675m Run

Workout 2

Find your one RM Clean and Jerk in 3 minutes

Workout 3

A 7minute AMRAP of

10 Toes to Bar

20 BoxJumpOvers 75/60cm

30 Double Unders

Workout 4

A Chipper of

40 DB Snatches 30/22,5kg

30 DB BoxstepUp 30/22,5kg

20 Burpees Over Box 60/50cm

10 Overhead Squat 60/45kg

The Final

5 Rounds for time of

15 WallBall Ground to Overhead 10/6kg

10 BackSquats 100/75kg

5 Bar MuscleUps

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